holistic dental symbolIf you have silver amalgam fillings and you recently learned that they are made primarily of mercury, you may be concerned, and rightly so. Mercury has been known to be highly poisonous for many years, with even small amounts able to cause such effects as hearing loss, loss of your senses of taste and smell, confusion, swelling, peripheral neuropathy, and skin changes. At higher amounts, mercury can even be fatal, a particularly disturbing thought for people who have many mercury fillings or have had mercury fillings for many years. Modern dentistry has developed a number of mercury-free, completely safe alternatives to mercury fillings, and approximately half of dentists in the US have abandoned the use of mercury fillings. This is great, but what the mercury fillings you already have?

Fortunately, dental advances aren’t limited to developing mercury-free filling materials.  Dentists have also worked to develop filling removal practices that keep excess exposure to the substance to an absolute minimum.  Many thought this would never be entirely possible, because removing fillings involves breaking them up, and simply brushing teeth with mercury fillings causes the filling to release surprising quantities of the toxin.  It was thought, with good reason, that accidentally swallowing a chunk of a filling could cause mercury poisoning, not to mention swallowing and inhaling the vapor released through the process.  But dentists dedicated to helping people with mercury fillings have developed ways to safely remove mercury fillings without placing you at risk of excessive exposure.

If you are worried about your mercury fillings, now is the time to act.  The sooner you discuss the matter with your dentist, the sooner you can have it removed and replaced with a safer material.  Very soon, you will start to notice a change in your health.

Read more at http://biocompatibledentist.org/holistic_dentistry/

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