Botox Course in Los Angeles

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It can be difficult sometimes to overcome a deeply held belief about something, especially when it is a professional belief that has been created over a long period of time. Forty years ago, when Botox really start to reach its initial height of popularity, it was difficult to prevent anyone – especially in Hollywood – from trying out the new cosmetic craze, and as so many of the Botox practitioners really had no idea what they were doing, it was very easy to see exactly who had braved the needle and who had not. Much of the medical community’s distrust of Botox comes from that time, and it can be difficult to persuade dentists that anything has much changed – until now.

Dr Howard Katz, a well respected dentist in his field, has dedicated his career to ensuring that patients will always be able to receive Botox from a trained medical professional. As dentists share a huge amount of knowledge and skills with Botox injectors (from needle usage to mixing up chemicals, to understanding the face to understanding chemical reactions), Dr Howard Katz considers them the very best people to offer Botox to patients, and has worked to remove prejudices from the practice all his life. His training program Dentox has been designed with this in mind: a one day training course that takes an already trained dentist through everything that they would need to know in order to administer a Botox injection.

Dentists who live in the Los Angeles area can now book a place on the next Dentox course to visit the area, and start to remove the prejudices which may have prevented them from becoming interested in the practice before. Now is the time to book your slot, and expand your medical horizons into the area of Botox.

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