It is very easy when you have spent years, if not decades, training in one particular kind of medical discipline to look down your nose at all of the others – after all, a little bit of loyalty never did anyone any harm! And so surgeons look down on paediatrics, paediatrics look down at psychologists, and psychologists look down on almost everyone. When it comes to it, dentists are really no different, and one of the key prejudices that you will find in almost every single dental practice up and down the country is the prejudice against cosmetic surgery, and Botox in particular. So why is this, and why are leading experts encouraging dentists to set aside their prejudices?

Botox Training Class in New York

Some believe that it is because dentists spend so much time around the face and mouth that they consider it to be ‘their turf’: something that Botox administrators should leave alone to them, the qualified dentists. However, this line of argument would only work if dentists were willing to take up the challenge of administering Botox, like Dr Howard Katz has done. A leading dentist, he has created a training course entitled Dentox which gives dentists the skills to offer Botox to their patients, ensuring that they receive the cosmetic injections in a safe medical environment with a truly qualified individual.

By ignoring their own prejudices, dentists could really start to make a difference to the world of Botox if they just started to get involved. If you can’t beat them, join them. The Dentox program is coming to New York in the next few weeks, and this one day course is certainly worth taking, even if you are just interested in learning more about the ways that Botox can be used for patients and their wellbeing. Are you ready to learn a little more about Botox?

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