There is a high prospect that your dental work could be highly toxic. This is particularly for those who have dental fillings. This is a concern that has been around far too long, and at the moment holistic dentists are trying to make patients realize the danger that these procedures put them in. It is always a good thing to ensure that you get a proper understanding of some of the procedures that you will be going through from time to time, so that when you are meeting your dentist, at least you do appreciate some of the work that is being done on you, and understand why.

The FDA has been under serious challenges in the past, as recent as July 2014, when dentists and a group of other scientists filed a lawsuit to the fact that the agency had not been straightforward in dealing with the challenge that metal fillings pose to the health of the patients. Of special emphasis was the fact that the material used in filling actually has hazardous mercury, and this puts both the life of the patient and the dentist at risk.

There are a number of nations that have actually banned the use of mercury in dental fillings, because of the fact that it was proven to be toxic. The problem now is that this procedure and materials are still being used by some dentists in the US, which poses challenges and brings up serious questions as to whether the relevant watchdogs in the industry are really keen on protecting the interests of the patients or not.

Mercury free dentists, like the dentist San Diego trusts (Dr. Woods), have been raising issues on why the use of mercury in fillings is still allowed in the US, when it has already been banned in other countries. Following the law suit that was filed against the FDA by the group of scientists, the allegations is that the patients who are more vulnerable in the country, are actually the ones who are getting more fillings than anyone else for that matter. Based on their research, they indicate that the most affected by this scenario are the low income families, military members and prisoners. These are individuals who actually depend on the healthcare system that is run by the government, or some of the other low cost clinics available around them. The only challenge is that this system is normally imperfect.

For more than 150 years amalgam has been in use, especially because of its durable nature. However, there are other choices that will make your teeth look better and also help you stay healthy. This is one of the other reasons why holistic dentistry is a brilliant idea. When you come to think about it, it is even an economic concern to a lot of people, using amalgams. Sadly, because of its affordability, there are people and insurance companies that insist on this being done instead of a safer alternative like composite.


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