interactive botox training materialsMost people associate Botox with wrinkle removals for a younger, fresher appearance for individuals.

But how many know that Botox has helped many patients with a variety of medical situations?  Botox, a purified botulinum toxin A causes paralyzing effects and numbing of nerves.  This is actually a benefit for people suffering from a number of medical problems. Note: make sure to check that your Botox provider is properly trained (medical professionals see this Botox Training Program by Dentox)


Anyone who suffers from migraine headaches no it’s no laughing matter and far more severe then a normal headache.  People who suffer from migraines can spend days in a dark room, can barely standup and in many cases cannot eat.  Research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2012, found Botox a benefit for people suffering from migraines as well as other headaches.  An injection of Botox on the top of a patient’s head can reduce migraine occurrences.


Multiple Sclerosis:


MS is one of the most painful and debilitating diseases a patient can suffer from.  There is no known cure for this disease and someone who has MS will lose the ability of movement rather quickly.  Botox can remove the painful onslaught of MS, allowing the patient  control over of their joints.


Overactive Bladder:


This symptom seems to affect women in their forties, which is approximately 20%.  This  urinary malfunction causes frequent urination along with wetting accidents and waking up quite often through the night.   A study in the journal European Urology discovered injecting Botox in the bladder wall is an effective way of treating this condition.


Excessive Sweating:


Known as  hyperhidrosis, the sweat glands are not able to switch off because of a mixed signal coming from the brain.  Botox can block these signals in order to stop the excessive flow of sweat.  The injections are given to the affected areas such as hands, feet, face or armpits.


Other Uses For Botox:


Bell’s palsy which causes the drooping of one’s face due to nerve damage  Botox can tighten the relaxed muscles.  Helps with tremors from a nerve disorder such as eye twitching by relieving the spasms for several months.


There are many other uses for Botox in treating many medical situations and further studies are being conducted to see what else Botox might be used for.


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